Understanding Your Internet Protocol (IP) Address Formats

The dictionary of information technology has plethora of terms and most these terms pertain to internet technology. Internet technology has vast applications in modern world, and the internet communications are made within worldwide networks. The origin of every internet-based communication is identified by the specific address called Internet Protocol address. There are two types of IP address – public IP address for wide access with outside world, and private IP address specific to your home networks. IP addressing is a hardware-independent convention that provides every internet-enabled computer system a unique logical address, the IP address. You can get information about IP address on http://whatsmyrouterip.com/.

IP address representation
IP address is your Internet Protocol address that is 32-bit binary strings that is uniquely represented in numbers separated by dotted decimals and are visible to humans such as network administrators and users. IP addresses can be accessed easily by using specified methods and can be configured for routing to internet access. The information of your IP address is very sensitive because a little mistake of even dot can deny your access to internet, although decimals are meant for isolation to understand IP address numbers easily. The IP address can also help to trace the user of a specific computer network; in case some illegal activity is performed on your computer. That’s why it is recommended to lock your computer while not in use by protecting it with your secret password.

IP address formats
IP address formats are unique numbers separated by dots. IP addresses earlier had five different classes from A to C consisting of 0, 10, 110, 1110, and 1110 network. Class A, B and C are the most important for host, class D is a multicast address, and class E is reserved for advance use. The above classes do not include some address ranges that are meant for diagnostics. These are used on networks not linked to the global internet and are designated as “private”.